Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one top list?

Absolutely! You can create as many different top lists in as many different categories as you would like.

How can you offer this service for free?

We make up for the costs involved by placing an advertisement on each top list.

Do I need to know html or web programming to create my top list?

No way! We have created our system so that even someone who knows no html at all can have a nice looking, functional top list within minutes! We also have features for webmasters with more advanced css skills who want to customize their lists further.

How do I make my top list grow?

There are a number of things you can do to get a new list growing. We have created a document that lists some ideas for you. You can find it in your admin area when you log in to manage your list. Once you get a top list growing, it will keep growing larger on its own!

What is a top list?

Some people call them voting sites, but we prefer the term top list or top sites list. As the owner of a top list, other webmasters will sign up and display their sites on your list. They will be given a unique linking code to your top list that they must put on their site. Every time a visitor clicks that linking code and visits your top list, their "hits in" count increases by one. The more unique visitors they send to your top list (by placing the link in a high traffic area of their site), the higher up the rankings they go.

What's stopping people from just clicking their own link multiple times to increase their ranking?

We track visitors by IP address and cookies to prevent artificial inflation of rankings. You can control how often visitors can click a certain link (for example, once every 24 hours). If they click the same link more than once during this time period, only 1 visit will count.

I'm new to this, where do I start?

If you have questions, the best place to go is our support forum. Do a search there and you will most likely find that your questions have already been answered. If not, feel free to ask!